Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bye-Bye Snow

As a last minute decision, I was off to Minnesota this past weekend. I exchanged Park Avenue planters...

...for Dunberry Lane flowers.

The main event was the Rasm-e-Hina and Wedding Ceremony of my dear friend Shaz.

Both events were vibrant, unique, celebratory, and sentimental as a community of friends and family welcomed these two souls in marriage. Not to mention the samosa appetizers were killer. As you can see, my friend was beyond stunning:

The events were photographed by another friend of mine, Jennie Sewell. From a young age, Jennie had this enviable artistic and creative eye, not to mention endless verve which is showcased in each and every shot she captures. I honestly could not begin to select favorites from her website samplings, so I implore you to check out for yourself to ooh and ahh. I can't wait until I finagle a reason for her to come out to NYC.

Being home amongst the turkeys, Targets, and Minnesota niceties was comforting as ever. B was content, as he always gets spoiled. He even was gifted his very own Easter "egg" hunt.

Of course there is always Pepita "the boss" Sorensen overseeing the production.

We went the nontraditional route on Sunday, skipping the ham and instead whipping up a few dishes that I've been meaning to attempt. It certainly was nice to have a fully stocked kitchen with plenty of counter space (not to mention two skillful sous chefs)!

One of the dishes that successfully stood out was Christina Hendricks' family recipe for cauliflower soup. I had to do some convincing when it came to the white truffle oil, but it was a superb addition to the base along with the tarragon, bacon crumbles and pecorino romano.

I finally got around to making the Lemon Meringue Cupcakes that I'd been craving since February.
If you are even remotely a fan of lemon meringue pie, you must try these. MUST.

I'll make any recipe that involves a mini blow torch:

It reminded me of my dessert counter girl days at Madeline's although I used a full sized torch there. You don't know me until you've seen me torch a creme brulée.

The final product. It didn't last long.

Of course, some traditions were kept, most memorably our champagne glasses that somehow shoot liquid into your eye after taking a sip. These were purchased years ago for a New Year's celebration and the trick and laughter that follows never gets old.
Gotcha Champagne Glass

With the last patches of snow melted into the earth, neighbors began emerging and hanging in the driveways. B finally met Stewie.
Stewie & Bryndal

B was oh so fascinated by the smells of Dunberry Lane as I multitasked.
B and LuRuSo - Minnesota style

I fell for these egg cups a few years back at an Anthropologie sale. Turns out they've been recycled to West Elm.
Egg Cups with Duck Feet - West Elm

No trip home is complete without a visit to Byerly's. It's carpeted. They have no less than 6 rows of ice cream freezers. Your groceries are magically transported to your car trunk. What's not to like? Well, maybe this:
Byerly's Creepy Bunny Cake

I mean, really...who is going be the one to eat the bunny's face? I call "not it"!


  1. Lucy! Those Lemon Meringue cupcakes look amazing! You should help me make them sometime for a guest post! Did you ever get my message about the Strawberry Margarita cupcakes? Sorry you missed them....xo

  2. I can't believe I missed margarita cupcake day...I think that means that when I help you bake something we should at least be drinking margaritas! :)