Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.
Bergdorf Goodman - NYC

Alas, my bike (which is my first "ten speed" from 1989 bought at Target, thank you very much) doesn't fit into my new apartment unless I want to use it as a clothing rack. It's probably for the best since only one brake works and the other one screeches in protest each time it is used.

But I'm a bike girl, through and through, and will always find some way to incorporate wheels into my life.

A cozy sweatshirt:

A sweet surprise once you've cleaned your plate:

On the go:

Cute posts:

Shirtdresses work in multiple environments. I pair this with a red fabric belt:

A simple note:

This whimsical party decor reminds me of my coveted streamers attached to the infamous Rainbow Brite banana seat bike:

Until I find a way to store my busted bike or buy an easily compacted one, I will have to make due with the stationary gym version. Bor-ing.

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