Friday, April 30, 2010


Generally, I am about a B+ in healthiness. 

But I willingly accept an F for one of these:

Complete weakness. Not only this particular brand either, oh no, no, no...Tollhouse, M&M, homemade, Oreo, etc, etc, etc. I won't try this concoction (yes, that is bacon) but I still respect it:
Choinkwich - Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, NYC

A treat that combines two cookies AND ice cream? Duh. Delicious.
Country Living Magazine

The #1 rule when consuming a cookie ice cream sandwich? Never, ever look at the calories and nutritional information. Never.
Chilly Burger

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hava-Nice Day

Enjoying a warm weather vacation means having the perfect flip flops to lounge around in. I mean, you have to find your way from the hammock to the breakfast buffet without stepping on a shell somehow...

There is no flip flop like a pair of Havaianas. Originally modeled after the Zori, a typical Japanese sandal, these brighter and more modern versions came on the scene in 1962. Building in popularity and use since then, the company has a rainbow of colors and patterns ranging from splashy & loud to playful & childlike, sleek, tribal inspired, and even sports teams.

I love their new slim peacock line which has a thinner strap to more easily go from beach to dinner:

I have found them to be incredibly comfortable and durable, although there are some forces of nature that can't be overcome. On a recent trip to St. Martin (see blog logo), I practically lived in my teal & gold Havaianas which seemed to match the color of the sea.

One day, during a photo op at one particular secluded beach, a monstrous wave crawled up the sand and literally took them off my feet, one at a time.  They were swept out into the Caribbean . There I was, shoeless and in shock, and there were my Havaianas, entrapped in a whirlpool until they flipped and flopped their way beyond my eyesight.
My Dad, attempting to rescue my Havaianas
I'm hoping that one day, while relaxing at Jones Beach or some other seashore, they will wash back ashore to me, having found their way home. Until then, a good excuse to buy multiple replacements!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Light Up Your Life

Quick shout out to the best soy candles out there:

So many reasons to love these atmosphere makers:
  • 100% biodegradable and natural soy wax
  • artisanal, hand poured, small batch assembly
  • safe, phthalate-free natural fragrances
  • romantic and detailed recycled packaging
  • reusable glassware (leftover soy washes out easily)
  • 60 hours of clean, clear burning
  • a percentage of their proceeds are donated to various charitable organizations
  • gorgeous yet non-aggressive scents such as: blue agave, black vanilla, cashmere, french pear, magnolia, sweet grass, & yuzu.
Today, Linnea's Lights are featured as Lucky Magazine's Deal of the Day. For 24 hours, you can purchase up to 3 candles online for 50% off! Click HERE to access the special. I had a hard time picking only 3...

Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

5 Senses

This makes all five very happy:

I had a high school math teacher who used to give us extra credit toward the end of the trimester if we brought her lilacs. She sure was a smart lady.

Enjoy the Spring.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


So, what do you do when you are "stuck" in London because an impossibly named Icelandic volcano is spewing ash into the atmosphere?
  (AP Photo/Brynjar Gauti)

You consume one of these (every day):
McDonald's Cadbury McFlurry

Although it is lovely to be the discoverer of such happiness, hopefully the skies will clear soon and those stuck can move on to new destinations, with bellies full of chocolaty eggs and ice cream.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Basta Pasta

On my mind...

Nothing like Italia in Spring. One of these Springs, I need to get back.

Ciao Ciao.

Friday, April 16, 2010

High On Life

Sometimes New York really gets it right.

Case in point: The High Line

When an abandoned 1930s elevated steel rail track was set to be demolished, a group of supporters convinced the city to turn it into a public park. 

It is a peaceful escape just 30 feet above the jam-packed city streets. Who would guess that atop this:
is this:

With the gorgeous weather, I've made it my mission to take a few escapes "up high" and was completely impressed each time at the amount of seating spots to eat lunch, read, take in some sun, or contemplate life, the quiet and calm, and the happy people enjoying all of these things.

The landscaping is cohesive to the plants that had naturally overtaken the rails pre-park and the architecture flawlessly grows out of the single strip of track.

There are unexpected iconic city views around every corner. I even spotted Lady Liberty casting a shadow on the sunset.
Image via HERE (my phone camera had died by sunset)

A wonderful park to be enjoyed by all.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Likes of Bryndal

Tax Day will always be a happy day for me. April 15th, 2009 is when we unexpectedly came across this little guy:
aka: Boog, the Boog, B, Bryndy, BBoy, Boo, BooBoo, BooBooBear, Buster

So in honor of Bryndal, here is a sampling of his favorite doodads:
  • KONGS - A variety of shapes and sizes. We fill them with hidden treats or freeze them with a dollop of peanut butter for an extra challenge and longer distraction. At first, we used the KONG flavored filler, but then this happened:

  • Sherpa Dog Carrier - The best. Durable, roomy, quite ventilated, and easy to carry. It's Bryndal's man cave.
  • Dr. Becker's Bites - Found these on a trip to San Francisco. The stinkiest things on Earth (which is probably why he adores them so much). Just make sure you keep them separated from your own blue corn chips!
  • Gulpy Water Dispenser - A water supply, dispenser, and bowl in one. Great for when you're not sure if your destination will be pet friendly or on a long hike.
  • Random Socks - He loves nothing more than stealing socks that do not belong to him. 
I considered being silly and writing this blog from Bryndal's point of view but then I recalled THIS SNL sketch and decided against it. Odd that the last name is Sorensen, though...

We love you B!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The People Ride in a Hole in the Ground

Sometimes people are not very nice. Especially on the subway. At rush hour. NOT NICE.

While rolling my eyes at the antics of one of these not nice people, I noticed this amongst the subway advertisements:

 Looking closer:

This whimsical and childlike vision of riding the subway released some of my tension toward my fellow passengers. I pictured them as the little gnome like bunnies, fraggles, and mini-Shreks as illustrated. I'm thinking I'm the double-bunned gal in teal, waving while riding the green slug. She sure looks happy.

Thank you, Andrea!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Master Class

I love Bravo's Top Chef. I can't get enough. Last year, Top Chef gave birth to Top Chef Masters and now I have two children to give my affection to.
TCM takes a tad different route than TC by having a different set of competitors in each episode with the winners of each competing in the champion round. Also, as the title suggests, in Top Chef Masters the chefs are indeed acclaimed chefs with their own successful restaurants. They are playing for a chance to win big bucks for a charity of their choice.
Sometimes I feel for these "masters" because they are already in the top of their field, yet are given challenges aimed at embarrassment and failure such as creating gourmet dishes in 30 minutes from products purchased at a gas station:
Cheetos Macaroni with Grilled Slim Jims and Tomato Soup

Somehow, they still seem to prevail.
Looking forward to the delicious looking and inspirational food ahead. And of course, seeing all the many hats of Gael Greene.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Neat As A Pin

How is a pin neat? I've never really understood that phrase.

I do think these clothes pins are "neat" in the other definition of the word:
All found at SusyJack*

Time to organize and find things to clip!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Uh Oh Spaghetti-...

Talking Squash
I've never had a problem eating my vegetables but remembering to make them is another thing. I'm creatively challenged when it comes to whipping up a quick snack or easy side dish that includes those very important members of the food pyramid.

Since I had been succeeding with brussels sprouts, I was saddened to see they are no longer in season but was delighted to be reminded of a favorite childhood dish via THIS appetizing blog.
Appetizing Picture courtesy of:

Super easy and more fun than saying couscous, this gourd will now have a permanent place on my shopping list.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Too Cool for School

I'm not looking to re-matriculate any day soon, but I do give this idea an A+:

P.S. 90, a 104 year old Harlem school long abandoned, is being converted into condos. The renderings are beautiful and the design is stunning.
Extra credit for their fancy schmancy website:

I walked by it the other day. Rough neighborhood but it is quite a beautiful sight.
I wonder who gets to live in detention hall?