Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's Up, Doc?

I have so much to say, but taxes are calling.

So instead, I will leave you with this:

Yes, that is a carrot dresser. On sale for $3,600. The on sale $3,600 carrot dresser is not a Like of Lucy but the fact that someone thought this was a great idea is. I also love the posed children being paid to act like they would be really thrilled to receive such a piece of furniture. I don't think I ever knew a child to have a veggie themed bedroom.

P.S. Looking for more bloggage and disappointed with my lame carrot dresser post (would you have preferred a brussels sprout ottoman)? Then look to your right and get hooked on one of the fantabulous blogs listed. I guarantee inspiration and humor from each one. Plus, I bet they've done their taxes.

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