Sunday, March 28, 2010

One of the Guys

"Got a pair of new shoes
Polished up and paid for.
Honey, they were made for
Going to town."

What, you don't know the song Got a Pair of New Shoes (Brown/Freed) performed by Judy Garland in the hilarious yet touching 1937 movie musical Thoroughbreds Don't Cry? You really need to get out more. Note to self: I really need to get out more.
Anyway, I spied these snazzy oxfords on the pages of a recent TimeOut NY magazine and decided I approved. Mostly practical, somewhat charming and not quite of this era...sort of like me?

I would pair them with something girly and non-1940s newspaper editor ala this gal:
I think Judy G. would approve.


  1. Okay, now I have to lodge a complaint here, actually a couple of complaints. First of all you entitle this entry "One of the guys" so I immediately think, 'Oh, goodie, this one isnt' going to have a bunch of girlie stuff like handbags (yawn) and pots and pans and more tulips! And there's a photo of some rather attractive shoes, shoes that a man like think chic! But instead it's just another article about women's shoes! What is it about women and shoes that created a creature such as Imelda Marcos! Sometime I hope there will be a guy-oriented entry.

  2. Shouldn't they be purple? Your shoes, I mean. ;)

  3. I will try and do something manly soon. Or at least as manly as I can get. :)
    Alex-where are my purple velcro shoes??

  4. I love Oxfords and have been on the look out for the perfect pair! Those are great.

    Thought this was a super cute idea too:


  5. Ha! I totally remember those shoes on Domino mag! Great idea, and I love any reason to paint.