Friday, April 22, 2011

Make Your Garden Grow

Happy Earth Day!

Isn't Google's search engine logo so precious today? I'd like to be hanging in that waterfall about now...maybe minus the nearby lion (though he does look peaceful).

For the past few weeks, I've been doing some admin help for a wonderful local business called Garden U:

Garden U provides personal garden coaching, in-ground and container gardens, decorative & edible garden ideas, and continual maintenance for New York City and the surrounding area. I especially love their wonderful garden gifts, such as a pre-planted container "Salad", "Herb" or "Fruit"  bowl which gathers all of your fixings into one convenient pot to grow and eventually use in some tasty homemade concoction.

Container Garden Gifts

As a city dweller who loves the smell of dirt and grass, I appreciate Garden U's philosophy that "home gardening is an integral part of any wellness program. Gardening is one of the few activities that combines physical, mental, educational and quality-time benefits. Everyone, at any age, can experience the joy that naturally occurs when cultivating a garden. Our mission is for every individual and family, city and suburban, to grow and maintain a home garden that brings them happiness and meets their personal needs and goals.".

I look forward to watching them GROW.

For more information, check out, "like" Garden U's Facebook page, or follow us (and let us follow you) on Twitter!

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