Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Bee's Knees

I was stung by a bee once - running around barefoot in my front yard as a youngin', playing with the neighborhood kids. I must have stepped on it. !$#@#@)C0fk,f!~?*az#@!! It hurt. A lot.
But I still like bees. A lot.

And I like what they make.
Best Artisanal American Honeys - Food & Wine

Bees can be royal and golden.
Brass Honeybee Necklace - J.Topolski

Or pastoral and sweet.
Gimme an A-piary Dress - ModCloth

I love the perfect touch of honey in this cornbread recipe.
Honey Cornbread Muffins - Food Network/The Neelys

This has been on my "to make" list for awhile. I can imagine it enhancing just about any treat.
Salty Honey Ice Cream - A Cozy Kitchen

LUSH has always touted the benefits of honey. I love this moisturizing soap.

Hunt around LUSH's site (or store). They have lots of honey-based products.
Honey Farm - LUSH

Honey is the new "buzz" ingredient in beauty this year.
There are especially a lot of honey infused masks.

I also enjoy the idea of whipping up a homemade connection. So does my wallet.

4 1/2 teaspoons 365 Everyday Value® Organic Raw Wildflower Honey
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or lavender 100% essential oil (optional)

In a clean ceramic or glass bowl, combine honey with vinegar, juice or oil (if using). Using clean fingers, massage honey or the mixture over your whole face (avoiding the eyes). Allow to dry and become slightly tacky, and then pat and tap to get blood flowing to the surface of the skin. Remove with warm water.

While the mask is setting, watch this:
Vanishing of the Bees

After watching the above, you may need a drink. How about some mead?
Mead Kits & Tools - Midwest Supplies

Although I imagine most mead to be chugged from some sort of pewter mug-like vessel, these Don't Worry, Bee Happy glasses could also do the trick.

This blend of bitters could be just as interesting and delicious in a non-alcoholic concoction.
Dram Honey Chamomile Bitters

A sunny scent led by pear, orange blossom, and of course, honeysuckle. Plus, the bottle is playful enough to make you smile while spritzing.
Marc Jacobs Honey Eau de Parfum Spray - Ulta

Bee costume for the B? Talk about getting stung.

Are you honeybee-ed out yet?

It's a sticky situation I don't mind being stuck in.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall Flair

My inbox is full of Halloween decorating ideas, pumpkin flavored recipes, and summer clearance sales, so of course, I'm getting super excited for my favorite season of all - FALL! Here in New York City, we had a taste of it last week, with skies a crisp blue, the air more breathable, and a little less perspiration in those crowded subway cars.

Of course, this week it is back to humidity and under-boob sweat, but time heals everything, right?

Soon enough, we will get to all things autumnal, but today my mind has been on items to don and apply.

I feel like myself in a sweater. Maybe it's because I'm from Minnesota...I love the jewel colors and geometric pattern.
(currently sold out online, but look for it in stores or you can find them on ebay)

This is my go-to nail color as the days get shorter:
This LBD is a great work dress that shows 'em who's boss. It also comes in red, but that is too risqué for my office!

A nude pump will always complete the look, but since we are on a fall kick, how about something plaid?

How pretty is this rich berry cord jacket?
Speaking of berries, the Berry lipstick in Bobbi Brown's new "Rich Chocolate" line looks divine. I find her lipsticks moisturizing with just the right color saturation.

I've always wanted a red coat. This one has a youthful look to it with the toggles and hood. Little Red LuRuSo?

Ah, I could go on and on about fall, but the only fall I should be focusing on right now is falling asleep. So...goodnight. I'll be dreaming of wool and layering.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Some women have too many shoes. Some women have too many lip balms. I have too many totes. I'm a sucker for easily washable canvas with a witty quip on the side. And they are just so darn useful, especially when I need to haul my CSA goodies home.

I love these West Elm offerings. A selection are even currently on sale.

Carry on, and carry all!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Have a Question for You

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Apartment Hunting in NYC is the Worst

Those who have been on the hunt in this town know that this video is not far off...(video plays after advertisement)


I will never forget venturing with my Mom somewhere out into Queens, where the broker was trying to convince me to live in an astronomically expensive crack den.

Do you have a NYC apartment hunting humorous/horror story?

Friday, September 6, 2013

On a Roll

You'll have to excuse me, I'm still on a high from attending the Yankees-Red Soxs game last night. I'm going to need to brag a little. I mean, look at these (free) seats!

What a thrill! It may be one of the best times I've ever had at a sporting event...ever. 

By the way, just in case you are looking to meet your daily caloric intake in one sitting, order the cheese fries...

Sitting in beautiful Yankee Stadium reminded me of sitting in the even more (yeah, I said it) beautiful Target Field (let's go, Twinkies!), which then got me thinking about lobster rolls because...well, because...let's be honest - when am I not thinking about lobster rolls?

No, the truth is that within a short jaunt from Target Field, you can order yourself one of the best lobster rolls I've ever had. I introduce you to The Smack Shack:

I know what you are assuming: "How can Minnesota have a delicious, fresh lobster roll? Isn't it in the very middle of the continent where lobsters do not live?" True...I don't know either, but my tastebuds don't lie. And I've been to Maine. I don't care if they catch them from the Minnesota River under the Cedar Avenue Bridge, I'm eating whatever it is they put down in front of me on that red checkered tablecloth.
The heavily buttered, griddled milk bread, the perfect ratio of tarragon and mayo, added crunch with some fresh cucumber, and so, so, so much lobster. Luke's Lobster, move over. You are now #2.

Make sure you pair it with a pint of some local brew. Perhaps a Summit or 612.

Or, you can meander down a couple of blocks to the Fulton Brewery. There are $4 pints and tours. And board games!

Since I'm all about tangents in the post, and I spy a bike in the above pic, I'll make note that you can easily jump on one of the city's bike paths and make pit stops at the above venues. That way you can have MORE beer and lobster since you will be burning off the calories on the trek home.

I found Calhoun Bike Rental to be convenient.

and my bike had a name!
See Jane Ride. Ride, Jane, Ride!

Baseball, lobster, bike rides, beer.
Life is good!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wonderful and Weird

The world can be a pretty wonderful place. 

And weird. Very weird.

Take this car, completely out of place on a NYC street. I'm not actually sure where it would have fit in - Carnival?

There was such detail in the application. You should have seen the interior! I ran into my apartment and grabbed a real camera, hoping to take some decent shots. By the time I was downstairs again, seconds later - POOF! - gone.

Perhaps I imagined it? This is exactly the kind of thing a LuRuSo imagination conjures up.

If anyone else ever spots this whimsical vehicle around town, I'd love to know!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Case in Point

New phone, new case. But there are so many options...I can't decide! I'm a bright, colorful, nostalgic kind of gal. My case will never be a classic and practical navy blue. It's more likely to be one of these kooky options:

You know I'm a fan of anything bike themed.


Taking notes. And would match my ipad.

Banner Day.

Distracted by sparkles.

Getaway. the sour puss.
Lucy case

Can't go wrong with chevron.


Makes me laugh, but I could never bring it to work.

Colorful and textured.

I'm a 6 year old boy.

I am a 6 year old girl.


OK, I would never do this one, but it cracks me up.

Which do you think I should go for?