Monday, April 25, 2011

Suddenly I See

I slept with my contacts in last night.

I know, I know, bad LuRuSo, BAD.

Thus, I've spent the morning in my glasses which reminds me how I'm in need of new frames with an updated prescription.

I've rocked the darker rimmed glasses ever since the days of my infamous purple specs:
LuRuSo circa 1992

1. I think I still have that headband.
2. It was not "summer" no matter what my shirt says.
3. Those are koosh ball earrings. Yes.
4. My hair is currently that long.
5. Must. Get. Haircut.

Even after that traumatic look, I kept the dark glasses (although no longer purple). In college, my dear friend Miss Alex would refer to me as "Lucy Loeb".

Like many other aspects of 2011, it is time to upgrade.

After seeing stylish ladies rave about Warby Parker on THISTHIS and THIS blog, I'm intrigued. For only $95, you receive a new pair of glasses including the prescriptive lenses. The frames are vintage inspired and remind me of a mix between Mad Men, nerdy librarian, and Williamsburg hipster. They will send you up to five pairs of your selection to try on at home along with prepaid return shipping. Plus, with every pair sold, they donate a pair to a person in need. How cool is that? 

My only problem is picking 5 pairs out to be delivered. Oh, how I love receiving snail mail!

Check out Warby Parker's story. It's a good one.

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