Thursday, April 7, 2011

Date Night

After three weeks of insane multi-job juggling, it was time for a night of culture and entertainment. 

I even scored a hot date...

She just better not get fresh.

I've actually never gone to a show or sit down dinner by myself, so I was excited to treat myself to some frivolity.

Components included this belted:
Tucker for Target Signature Dress - Target

We've had a bit of a rainy/cold front here on the East Coast, so boots are still the footing of choice.
Winding Ruffle Boots - Anthropologie

Coral polish adorned my nails, the color for Spring '11 (also the color for 1987 and about every Golden Girls piece of clothing and set decor)

I sat down to a tofu pad thai and a beer at one of the myriad of Thai restaurants on 9th Avenue. Just as the waiter left me with a drink menu, the chorus of "All By Myself" pumped through the speakers. Quite timely and hilarious.

Then, showtime:

The show was vibrant, thought-provoking, and well acted. And now I have a thing for Lord Byron. Thank you, Tom Stoppard.

I avoided the tempting Shake Shack right next to my subway entrance and grabbed a petite treat instead for the ride home. A good train ride book was also a must to finish off a lovely evening.

The Paris Wife - Paula McLain

Overall, a swell time was had by all. All=me. But for that one night, that's all that mattered.


  1. That sounds so lovely, I am very jealous of YOU.

  2. Is that a good book Luce? I have seen it on the best-seller list.

  3. Just started it, but so far so good. I would love to discuss reading lists sometime with you, Aud!