Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cake in a Cup

I wonder when the cupcake craze will die down? I'm hoping not in my lifetime.

I'll never turn down a cupcake as it is something I constantly crave.
I've been known to have a cupcake in my purse. It happens.

I'm hoping to whip up a batch of the following cakes soon:

The only issue is I'm currently a Party of 1 (well, 1 + dog) and it would be wasteful and slightly dangerous to have batch upon batch of sweets lying around. So...I need to be invited to some events. Book clubs, birthdays, housewarmings, office parties-I'll be there, sugar in tow. Or maybe in my purse.


  1. Love the looks of the lemon meringue ones... Bet they taste great too.

  2. The best part is, you get to use a torch!