Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumnal Equinox 2014

Fall is back. And it's frisky.

I'm part of the majority that rates fall as a favorite season - and it's not hard to understand why.

Jewel-tones. Metallics. The bluest skies. Leaf peeping. Road trips. Pumpkin patches. Corn mazes. Apple Orchards. Cider Donuts. Harvest. Plaid. Jackets layered over button downs layered over thermals wrapped with a scarf. Arm warmers. Pea coats. Knee high boots. Booties. Mocs. Tights. Curling up. Books. Turning on my oven without it being a method of torture. Beer. Oktoberfest. Hayrides. Scary movies. Halloween. Jack-o-lanterns. Bonfires. Back to school. Fresh start. New friends. Love possibilities. Getting serious. Mulling. Roasting. Sweating only when exerting oneself at the gym. Barrettes. Theater. TV. People in town. Turning off the AC. Adding another blanket. Great sleeping weather. Snuggling. Libras/Scorpios/Sagittarius. Spices. Baking. Pies. Cinnamon. Nutmeg. Maple. Caramel. Slow cooker. Sweaters. Sweater Dresses. Sweater Coats. Baths. Football. Crafts. Hiking. Dog Parks. Festivals. Markets.

It's always hard to say goodbye to the fun and frolicking of summer. Summer, which seems like a break from the grind, an escape, turning off for 2-3 months. But when the autumnal term arrives with crisp air, but still warm earth, there is a sense of settling in. Of coming home. The scents of the season wake in me many happy memories associated with this time of year. No other season creates such vivid recollections. And it is oh so comforting. Autumn is the shortest season, but manages to etch a deep and lasting impression into us. So raise a pumpkin spiced latte to the next few months while you relish in all the new memories being created.

By An Autumn Fire
Now at our casement the wind is shrilling,
Poignant and keen
And all the great boughs of the pines between
It is harping a lone and hungering strain
To the eldritch weeping of the rain;
And then to the wild, wet valley flying
It is seeking, sighing,
Something lost in the summer olden.
When night was silver and day was golden;
But out on the shore the waves are moaning
With ancient and never fulfilled desire,
And the spirits of all the empty spaces,
Of all the dark and haunted places,
With the rain and the wind on their death-white faces,
Come to the lure of our leaping fire.
But we bar them out with this rose-red splendor
From our blithe domain,
And drown the whimper of wind and rain
With undaunted laughter, echoing long,
Cheery old tale and gay old song;
Ours is the joyance of ripe fruition,
Attained ambition.
Ours is the treasure of tested loving,
Friendship that needs no further proving;
No more of springtime hopes, sweet and uncertain,
Here we have largess of summer in fee­
Pile high the logs till the flame be leaping,
At bay the chill of the autumn keeping,
While pilgrim-wise, we may go a-reaping
In the fairest meadow of memory!
-Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, September 15, 2014

Overheard in New York - A While Ago

Before Twitter and Facebook statuses, there was Overheard in New York. It was one of the only methods to share your crazy city encounters and observations over the world wide web.

I remember being soooo excited when they used one of mine. AND they spelled my name correctly.

Mom: Baby, now if you don’t put your coat on, I’m gonna spank you.
Little girl: No! I will tell Daddy and he will spank you.
Mom: No, baby, he will not. Nobody spanks me but Jesus. –M101 bus Overheard by: Lucy Sorensen

I can't believe it has been over 8 years since that bus ride. Time flies when you are surrounded by wackadoodles!

Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 Minnesota State Fair

It was another fine day spent at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. The skies were overcast, which was practically perfect, as I usually pick the most humid/heatstroke-worthy day to attend.

I'd say the State Fair comes closest to providing the same overstimulation as New York City. I was somewhat comforted because I had been lacking social media posting inspiration being among tame and nice midwesterners. The fair was my chance to get back in the status update game! As a friend of mine mused about finding wack-a-doodles at the event, if you don't find inspiration at the Fair, then you are in the wrong cheese curd line.

Minnesota State Fair. 2014. A to Z.

A is for Another Hundred People:

B is for Buddies:

C is for Carved Curds & Whey:

D is for Designated Driver:

E is for Express Yourself:

F is for Four-Wheel Drive:

G is for Giddy-up:

H is for Homage:

I is for Infrastructure:

J is for Jack-O-Lantern Jackpot:

K is for Knitted:

L is for Llama Love:

M is for Minnesota Miss:

N is for Nostalgic:

O is for Options:

P is for Pick Me Up:

Q is for Quack:

R is for Related?:

S is for Sing Out, Louise!:

T is for Transport:

U is for Unfortunate Across the Street Location:

V is for View from Lulu's:

W is for Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?:

X is for Xanthic:

Y is for You Never Know:

Z is for Zero Calories:
Peaches & Cream Scone

Savory Scone

Chicken in the Waffle


Comet Corn

Hotdish on a Stick


Pretzel Curds

Until next time, Minnesota State Fair - I'll bring my stretchy pants!