Friday, March 18, 2011

You Snooze, You Win

I bought a nap. Yup. I purchased sleep.

Yelo Spa in NYC has a PowerNap treatment featuring an antigravity chair and personalized aromatherapy, sounds, and atmosphere. I have to say, it seems a little Starship Enterprise, no?

It may be odd, but I got it on sale and it's about to expire, so to sleep I will go.

My free sleep is also about to improve due to a very exciting addition to my bedroom: A customized headboard of my dreams, delivered right to my front door via Heady Bed.

Here's the fabric:

The inspiration comes from a much coveted television headboard (Don Draper not included)


the grayest of gray wool coats

I can't wait to share the process, design, and outcome of this fabulous, sure-to-be "like" of Lucy.

Sweet dreams promise to follow, unless a lovable cousin decides to have a laugh:
Very funny, Meghan. Very funny.

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