Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's a Great Day...

...for the Irish!

And since I'm part Irish (O'Sorensen?), I can dance a jig and drink a Guinness with the best of them.

Last fall, my Mom made her second trip back to the homeland:
Charles Stewart Parnell - my Grandfather and Great Grandfather's namesake.

River Shannon

Temple Bar

Clock Tower - Youghal, County Cork. Home of my Great Great Great (Great?) Grandparents.

Hill of Tara - the sheep are let out to "mow" the lawn every evening.

Ardmore, Waterford County

Hoping the warning sign doesn't become a reality.

Where there is rain, there are rainbows.

Along with some stunning and green pictures, my Mom brought me back an unusual souvenir:
Prawn Cocktail Pringles

Can't say that I ventured to try them...

Many moons ago, I saw the Emerald Isle myself:
Ithaca College London Center, 2001 - Lovin' the Loch

I insist on celebrating Ireland today with some sort of culinary treat.
I couldn't decide between these two decadent desserts, so I guess I'll have to make both. Poor me. 

Oh, and one more Irish-esque treat. OK, it's not Irish at all, but it's green and I want it.

A toast to the luck of the Irish and avoiding all forms of green vomit today!

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