Saturday, February 19, 2011

Puffins and Lager and Bread, Oh My!

Sometimes I get very excited by a trip to the grocery store, especially if it is sample day. Here are some items that made it into my cart:

For those who don't know me well, I've been a Puffins Cereal freak for quite some time. So crunchy, yet semi-healthy! Mmm! Now they have a new combo flavor. Too excited.

OK, I'm usually all "artisanal" and fiber-oriented when it comes to bread, but this stuff is tasty. You know that aroma that tempts you in malls and airports? It comes in loaf form! And no yucky raisins ruining the goodness.

The past couple of days, we New Yorkers have been treated to some unseasonal Spring weather. It's been a wonder and so uplifting. I couldn't resist buying some Magic Hat Spring Lager (Vinyl). It reminds me of the warmth to come and one of my favorite states/vacations (oh that odd video at Magic Hat, Mom and Rosemary??). Plus, I needed a beer. I'm assembling IKEA furniture, remember?

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