Saturday, February 26, 2011


Time Warner Cable is a tricky little entity.

I need to install a land line in order to secure the best internet/cable deal. A LAND LINE. That's almost an equivalent of two soup cans strung across the alley with string. OK, I'm exaggerating, but that's what it feels like. A LAND LINE.

If I'm required to get a land line, I might as well have a phone to make it useful. If I might as well have a phone to make it useful, I want one with some whimsy to make it fun. Something straight out of a 40s black and white movie.

I'm picturing myself donning a silk robe with perfectly bouncy & teased locks, lots of mascara, perched bedside or on the corner of the study desk, my head slightly atilt, looking either surprised, dazed, or smiling away. Nothing in between. My life instantly glamorized.

My inspiration:
 Ava Gardner

 Brigitte Bardot

 Hedy Lamarr

 Clara Bow

 Elizabeth Taylor

 Judy Garland

 Can't forget Lucy!

 Ingrid Bergman

Mae West & Creepy DollMan

Call me.

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