Friday, February 25, 2011

Cheap NY

View from the Brooklyn Promenade (another Lucy "like")

New York City gets a bad rap for being expensive (because it is), but there are a few things that I find to be less pricey in NYC than in any other city.

I can score a cheap chip-proof $17-22 weekday mani/pedi in most parts of town. Take that, Peoria (nothing against Peoria). Man, try saying cheap chip-proof ten times fast...

Fake Accessories:
The fake pashmina is a life saver for all of the weddings I've been attending. They come in every color, but be warned - if it rains, said pashmina could disintegrate before you can say 2 for $10.

No more than $2 for a slice that could easily sustain you through three daily meals. Yes, that is pasta on my pizza. I obviously don't have a fear of carbs.

All you need is a place to perch (see above photo) and you have yourself a guaranteed show. Sometimes, with pizza!

OK, not exactly cheap...but cheaper than in other cities. Plus, now they take credit cards!

Before moving here, I had a romantic ideal of what New York City would be. A starving artist's life that somehow was artistic but not really starving. It was pretty much based on the 70s West Village portion of the movie Beaches. Lots of market shopping with friends and crocheted outfits. Sort of like this:
Urban Outfitters Ad

That didn't turn out to be reality, but I still have a dream that I can capture a little of that romance in real life.
I've been pondering the idea of starting a NYC To Do page. Lists and links of restaurant, event, sightseeing, and activity recommendations all categorized (cheap options, touristy, by neighborhood, etc). Thoughts? Yes?

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  1. I think that would be an awesome idea. It might take a little to get going, but working at it a little at a time, you might end up with a cool and useful list. Who knows where it could go? I know I'd use it. I love fun little insider guides like that.