Monday, February 7, 2011


In an attempt to keep up with technology, my family tried out a group messenger application called Beluga
My Dad tried to set us up over texting.
The texting convo was as follows:

Pete S: Added Maureen to the pod
LuRu: Only cam but I haven't updated my phone yet
Maureen S: What
Maureen S: What
LuRuSo: Hi Mom-We are all chatting together I guess
Maureen S: We are?
LuRuSo: I'm here (Lucy)
Maureen S: Am I supposed to do something?
Pete S: No just set you up
Maureen S: Dad?
Maureen S: Do I need to download?
Pete S: It's a pod
Pete S: Yes what are you using now?
Maureen S: What is a pod?
Pete S: Group talking
Maureen S: My iphone
Pete S: What app?
Maureen S: Lucy?
LuRuSo: Mom? Dad?
Maureen S: What am I doing?
Maureen S: Confused
Pete S: How are you entering text?
LuRuSo: Oh boy

Perhaps we should stick to live get togethers from now on...

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