Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Creepy & Wonderful

I somehow avoided the mid to late 80s perm. Not sure how since all of the cool kids were doing it and I was a cool kid (riiiiiiight). 
20 years later, the perm is eyelash form.

I came across this procedure in a daily email deal. Even with a discount, no thanks.

You know what is not creepy, but "super" cool? MAC's new Wonder Woman collection.

I might have to make a purchase for the packaging and cases alone. How fun would it be to whip this out of your purse. Pow!

I'm seeing sparkly blue, primary red, and yellowy gold in my crusading future. After all, I have had to fight a certain villain as of late. Might as well look good doing it.

Their NYC Wonder Pop Up shop looks like a kitschy good time.

I might not have had the 80s perm, but I did indeed have the 80s Wonder Woman Underoos!

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