Thursday, May 20, 2010

Playing Footsy

I just booked about 5 trips - some business, some pleasure, some quick jaunts, some long journeys. I've become a fairly savvy traveler and know that there are 3 Golden Rules when it comes to having pleasant travels:

1. Comfort
2. Simplicity
3. Having a Plan

That's why these are on my wish list:

These non-slip, outdoor worthy, waterproof ballet flats roll up and slip into a small pouch that you can throw in your pocket or purse until it is time to take off the cute but painful shoes and unroll your way to comfort. Perfect for a long flight.

I also think they would make a good stocking stuffer or a bridesmaid gift so that everyone can dance the night away without wincing.


  1. What a cute pun on the world famous tootsie roll! It would have been possible to use "tootsie" as that word works for feet, but of course it was taken. I'm not sure I can envision myself tripping the light in these things, however. But of course all of Lucy's Likes are not for all of the rest of us unless of course we like the idea of putting one of them in Lucy's Christmas stocking!