Saturday, June 5, 2010

June Is Bustin' Out All Over...

Summer is in full swing, and along with wearing white (puh-leez, I rock the white all year round), here are a few items that I am craving:

A little bit of sparkle added to some classic pieces. I love this J. Crew tank top that has a fancy shimmer but still manages to be light and casual.
Mexican food. ¡AyAyAy! I saw Food Network personality Marcela Valladolid on The View the other day and totally craved everything she assembled. Tengo muy hambre...

A chic and roomy beach towel. All the beach towels I have in my possession are from the late eighties: a Trivial Pursuit navy blue themed one stolen from my parents' house, a Little Mermaid one (from my first trip to Disney World in '89), and a stained pink (I hate pink) one with ballet slippers and my name embroidered in cursive. It is time to graduate to a grown-up beach towel. I like Tracy Reese's exotic and bright designs.

A new season of So You Think You Can Dance. I continue to be blown away by the talent and artistry, unlike some other talent competition shows which shall not be named.
So You Think You Can Dance - FOX
Big batches of -ades, such as lemonade served in an old fashioned jar. Makes me want to live on Main Street, USA.
Mason Jar Drink Dispenser - Pottery Barn

And just in case you forgot how to make basic lemonade, I found this not long ago. We had a cooking day in daycare circa 1985. Cooking = making lemonade. I'm glad my spelling and penmanship has improved over the last 25 years.
5 Year Old Lucy's Lemonade Recipe


  1. That lemonade is really looking good on this summer Sunday. Might have to try that recipe of 'little Lucy'. Maybe good for the Food Channel or starting a new lemonade stand business :)

  2. A theme that seems to run through this post is "light" as in light fabric, light cuisine, light colors, light entertainment, and light refreshment. Certainly an apt collection for the start of summer. So you kept that recipe for lemonade for all these years. I wonder how many times you've made lemonade in that time. One of the most interesting blueberry pies we ever made, but never ate, was the one where we forgot to add sugar...a necessity for lemonade as well.