Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can I Be Seven Again?

So, I was paging through the weekly ads included in the Sunday New York Times, and what do I see in the Target circular? This:

For sale. As in, you can actually own it. What?!? For real? From Target? When I was seven I usually got a beach towel, maybe a Debbie Gibson tape, or often some Keds from Target. I think if my parents brought this home I would have fainted from excitement. I think my parents would have fainted from the price tag.

And then I go online to make sure I wasn't imagining the creation and I see these:

Oh, what I would have given for my very own water wonderland. I mean, I thought a slip 'n slide was the bee's knees.

The Target site claims they are "puncture resistant". Hmmm...


  1. Who needs to be 7, you just pump a little extra air in those things to make them a bit larger, try not to wear any sharp objects on your swim suit and cut loose!

  2. I think I would faint from trying to blow that thing up! Oh, you mean they've also developed air compressors in the past 20 years? Cool. I'll start saving for my kids...

  3. My dad put a piece of black tarp on the ground and used a sprinkler and what did we have? Our very own slip 'n slide. I hated it.

  4. Hahahaha! I like Siri's comment. When Douglas and Leannis were little we moved to Florida and found out what hot summers were all about. They were young enough to be satisfied with a sprinkler in the back yard and I've got some great photos of them being goofs in the water. That wasn't very hard for those two. Those backyard water parks are probably good for the kid who lives in a neighborhood full of friends who can come over and play.

  5. Actually, when we moved to our new house the best hill was in the front yard. After slipping and sliding down the yellow path you ended up right on the gravel road. Not as much fun, but we didn't seem to care.