Saturday, May 1, 2010

Put A Ring On It

Bold, bright, free, and fun. That's what I expect of my summers. May 1st is almost summer, right?

From the moment I saw this new scent in Marc Jacobs' line of perfumes, I knew I had to have it by summer. I loved the name, I am in a purple phase, and the outrageous bottle top was just ridiculous enough for me to crave it. I didn't even care if I liked the actual scent.
LOLA by Marc Jacobs

But luckily, I did. Pear, peony, tonka bean (what?) and pink peppercorn (what??) lead the way with vanilla, geranium, and musk following along. Not long ago, the perfume was taken to a new level when put into solid form and hidden inside a fanciful cocktail ring:
LOLA Solid Perfume Ring

This flirty bauble reminds me of the days when shady ladies would hide various lethal substances in their poison rings. Not exactly the same concept, but having a secret compartment is always fun.

A month ago, Douglas and I went bowling with my friend, Laura. The cashier misheard her name and so for the entire game "Lola, it's your turn" flashed across the score screen. It gave us quite a laugh, but her game improved once her name was corrected. I guess "Lola" wasn't much of a bowler.

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  1. It sounds as though Laura "bowled" over the cashier at the alley. Leannis and I have a friend whose given name is Laura but who has purposely changed it to Lola. I don't know what it's done for her and I'm afraid to ask. I had a client once who asked me to legally change her last name. When we got before the judge he asked her why she wanted to make the change. She said it was b/c she was getting married the next month. The new last name was her fiances!