Thursday, July 13, 2017

In Season At Trader Joe's

You see those unsightly cranes marring my grey skied view?

 I don't mind them one bit because you know what they are a part of building? A Trader Joe's. Yup. A Trader Joe's that is within walking distance from me!

Oh yeah, happy dance time.

Trader Joe's has a wide selection of goodies, all at kick-ass prices, but what I really enjoy about shopping there is the seasonality of their products. Only being able to score a pumpkin-themed dessert in the fall or a rhubarb soda in May harkens back to the days when you ate the food when Mother Nature deemed it so. And nothing beats the high you receive when you actually are able to hunt down that one special item that you'd been awaiting since last year.

My recent Trader Joe's trip found these summertime wares in my shopping cart:

Sweet Corn. Burrata. Basil. Summer in a ravioli!

This has just enough kick and just enough pucker. Wouldn't it make for a quick and tasty margarita?

Tangy and salty cheese that can hold up on a grill or a vat of oil? I'll take five. Cases, that is.

Tis the season to be better about keeping up with shaving. I'm so lazy! But this luscious shave cream helps.

Flavor something birthday cake and I'm right there in a second singing "and many mooooooore!"

Perfect for pool time, a picnic, or other portable party.

What are your favorite summer TJ products? Do you hoard them for other seasons?

Let's end the latest Ode to Trader Joe's with this repetitive ditty that was first shared with me on a previous grocery run - remember?

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