Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Slide Into Summer Shoes Via Target

Is there anything more therapeutic than strolling through Target, your REDCard at the ready in your pocket, no place to be and no one to be responsible for? Target seems to have the answer to everything within each aisle you peruse.

I especially love their shoe selection. Unabashedly full of designer knock-offs, but though the price point saves you some dough, the quality and comfort feels surprisingly more expensive. This summer my focus is on footwear that I can quickly slip on as I head out the door and just as effortlessly kick them off when I want to dip my tootsies into a fountain or some lush green grass. Summer should have an ease, no?

These backless loafers bring polish to any look.

I love the relaxed femininity of the added bow on these slides.

These are surprisingly comfy for their heel height.

I appreciate some fringe in the summer to bring out the bohemian in me.

I'd take the laces out of these sneaks for some seriously easy slide action. And look at those sweet summer patterns -  florals and gingham and stars, oh my!

Speaking of Target, have you seen the Instagram account targetdoesitagain? It consists of someone walking around Target or Target.com and pointing out all of the cute stuff you need or (more likely) don't need. Warning before you follow - it's inexplicably mesmerizing and addictive! 

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