Thursday, January 24, 2013

Warm & Fuzzy

Can't type fingers are still thawing.

Brr. Right? BRRRR! I'm not sure what the surprise is, it is winter after all. But still...cold (this coming from the gal who used to wear shorts to the bus stop during a Minnesota January).

For some reason, I find NYC to be chillier than the two past tundras I resided in, Minnesota and Ithaca. Maybe it's the wind tunnels, maybe it's the fact that you do a lot more walking and waiting for the bus. Winters in New York City are brutal. 

And you have to watch where you stand.

But, if you manage to make it home without being impaled by an underground icicle, mix yourself this concoction and start to feel warm & fuzzy within minutes.

Your favorite hot chocolate
TCHO Drinking Chocolate


Dogfish Head Peanut Butter Vodka (trust me)

Stay toasty!


  1. Replies
    1. It really is SO good. Not fake tasting at all. I wouldn't say there are a whole lot of uses for it, but what it does work in, really is scrumptious!