Friday, April 30, 2010


Generally, I am about a B+ in healthiness. 

But I willingly accept an F for one of these:

Complete weakness. Not only this particular brand either, oh no, no, no...Tollhouse, M&M, homemade, Oreo, etc, etc, etc. I won't try this concoction (yes, that is bacon) but I still respect it:
Choinkwich - Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, NYC

A treat that combines two cookies AND ice cream? Duh. Delicious.
Country Living Magazine

The #1 rule when consuming a cookie ice cream sandwich? Never, ever look at the calories and nutritional information. Never.
Chilly Burger


  1. If you're ever in Cali, this place is beyond ridiculous. AND CHEAP.

  2. I love ice cream sandwiches, and these are much beyond those... You are right, can't think of calories and fat went consuming these creations.

  3. Diddy Riese is now in my address book.

  4. pretty fancy sandies! They didn't have things like that when I was a tyke and could eat oodles of them w/o fear of immense inflation or immediate tooth decay. Thanks goodness. I wonder if I can buy them at my local bodega.