Saturday, January 9, 2010


I can't wait to do nothing this weekend. I definitely don't plan to leave the apartment.

But if I did, I would go here:

Rai Rai Ken
214 East 10th Street New York, NY 10003 (212) 477-7030
Open Mon-Sat 12pm-2:30am; Sun 12pm-11:30pm CASH ONLY

If the only ramen you have ever known is Top Ramen, then get thee to East 10th Street!

Douglas and I first ventured here after an alluring feature on Martha Stewart. The menu is basic: rice, edamame, kim-chee, and the star player - ramen. The bowls are ginormous and filled with all sorts of surprises (what does that candy cane striped disk have to do with fish?) all encompassed by a broth base that has a superior depth of flavor; My favorites are the miso and curry. The gyoza (basically Japanese potstickers) are rich but not heavy and delicately fried. An "only in New York City" type experience.

My parents and I even faced a slight case of wind burn in order to occupy one of the 14 stools in this East Village eatery. Here they are finally being seated and ready to slurp.

When Martha Stewart visited (yes, even Martha likes it!), she tried the Shoyu Ramen and printed the recipe HERE. But seeing all of the ingredients in the soup base alone, it might be less work for you to fly to New York and eat at Rai Rai Ken. Unless you happen to have mirin, nori, bamboo shoots, pigs feet, kombu, and bonito just lying around the pantry.


  1. Boy! What a delicious endorsement. What does Rai Rai Ken mean? Is it anything like Jar Jar Binks?

  2. It was such a cold and windy day when we tried this restaurant. With only 14 stools, had to wait, but when our time came, I was pleasantly surprise with great food. Besides my battle with chopsticks, really enjoyed, and added another favorite for NYC eateries.

  3. nooooooooodles! definitely a favorite place of mine as well! :o) i would eat there everyday if I could!

  4. It was an incredibly delicious experience.