Wednesday, August 24, 2011

20 Blocks

My ward for the weekend:

Headed south. Is it strange that whenever I see the Empire Hotel I always think of the MTV Legally Blonde casting show?

NYC Saturdays always involve dogs, brunch, and inappropriate cell phone usage:

I stopped into West Elm to say hello to my favorite CHAIR. Hi chair!

Columbus Circle has changed so much since I moved here. My little girl is all grown up...

Where I learned that THIS dress will blow straight up when crossing a particularly strong wind tunnel:

Tourist giveaway = white tennies:

What do you want to bet they are headed to the M&M store?

OK, who brought the bubbles?

Ah, discounted theater. In hopes of seeing my friend who is working at TKTS (found her later!):

I know the cabbies hate it, but I adore the Times Square green space:

Suckage. Sorry, lady!

Yay! Good shmacting!

Once every blue moon, three specific neon letter lights go out to humorous results:

What's a New York Saturday afternoon without a little Scientology protest? P.S. The protesters had built a beach. I was this close to joining the chanting if only to get a moment in the sand.

Heading home, pounding on top of a decades worth of gum:

That stretch of 20 blocks smells of pretzels, urine, new sneakers, paper, Jamba Juice, tar, exhaust fumes, Bath & Bodyworks lotions, sawdust, and hot dogs. Eau de New York.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Terra Firma

We didn't exactly have firm ground this afternoon on the East Coast, but besides the shake, rattle, & rolling, there was a deliciously crisp hint in the air, otherwise known as fall.

With the earth resettled, it's time to do some these...

I can feel my GPA rising:

Patent leather equals polish:

A great transition from late summer to fall.

Intrigued by the appearance of velvet this season. It sort of reminds me of Christmas cards circa 1988, but I still am loving it:

especially paired with colored tights:

And what's fall without a comfortable pair of boots to wear with anything:

The zip I get from the seasons changing is always invigorating, but I'm not done with summer just yet...even if I wake up to snowflakes tomorrow morning, I will be giving a full two blog weeks to picnics, lakes, tank tops and sunblock!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Man

I went to college as a musical theatre major (yes, that exists) not knowing who Stephen Sondheim was.

I was quickly "schooled" by my more versed (literally) peers.

How foolish I was!

I've been coveting this book since publication:

Now it's all mine. Time to expand my knowledge. Freshman LuRuSo would be so proud. So would Paul Simon: New York Times Book Review

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Issue

What did I find contorted into my teeny mailbox today?

Why, this weighty tome:

I think it weighs more than my dog...

Also reminded me how much I loved/love this documentary:

Of course, the real star of that movie for me is Grace Coddington, the creative director of Vogue, who has an artistic eye like no other and a straightforward, passionate attitude. Others scream at the sight of Daniel Radcliffe, or go weak in the knees when Scarlett Johansson passes them in the West Village, but when I stood next to Grace Coddington in a pet food store on W 23rd and she oohed and aahed over Bryndal, I thought my life story might have been told.

See you in September!

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Cup of Joe

My trips to Trader Joe's involve two subway lines and a stroller-packed part of town, so they are sadly few and far between. This means a grand amount of purchasing when I do frequent the TJ's.

Some winners:

I could have eaten the entire jar of this upon introduction in Yankton. So scrumptious scooped up with a tortilla chip.

Katy suggested these goodies. Creamy, refreshing, and surprisingly satisfying for being "mini" sized. I'll be stocking the freezer.

Another staple in my household. I think I could dip just about anything in this dressing and be happy.

Addictive. I warned you.

I hunted for this mix for almost three weeks last fall. Once I found it, I gathered. There is a reason it flies off the shelves.

However much I would love to sip a freshly brewed mug of Blue Bottle coffee every morning, it's just not realistic or affordable. Trader Joe's has a wide array of coffees to try. This chicory blend will remind me of a special trip to New Orleans in the spring of 2005 and the magical Cafe Du Monde

I would love to try homemade versions of any of the above. Please pass similar recipes this way!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

70 Proof Namesake

Maybe it is because I could never find a personalized souvenir or lunch box in my childhood, but I feel a rush of pride and giddiness when I come across an object bearing my name. Remember the beer?

Well, for those who prefer their Lucy a little stronger and a tad bit sweeter, may I present:

A lovely bourbon-based liqueur that is flavored with spicy orange peel & apricots, perfect for an after dinner treat to warm your soul in the winter, or mixed into a decadent version of a julep come summertime.

It's a unique gift for any Lucy in your life. Of course, it would be most appropriate to one who is sweet, but isn't every Lucy...? :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lefty Lucy

Yet another odd holiday to make me smile.

It's Left Handers Day and I think you should all go and hug a lefty (Hint-Hint: Your very own LuRuSo happens to be one).

See? Eating bacon with the left hand.


Oh, and best wishes to all those involved with the Marvelous Wonderettes which closes at Saint Michael's Playhouse tonight. It's been...well...marvelous! Hm, hm!
The Marvelous Wonderettes
Photo: Andy Duback

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

S'mores Holiday

I'm having some technical glitches here in the internet kingdom, so I will be delayed on some lovely Vermontiness posts. 

In the meantime, please note that today is National S'mores Day.

No, really. I'm s'rious.

Which is wild since I just returned from a walk where I saw a squirrel with a full on s'more in his mouth. Truly. If you are a squirrel, take up shop in Vermont.

As one that considers s'mores a food group, I feel it is my duty to celebrate this day.

To make it extra special, use an unbelievable chocolate, such as Theo Chocolate. Remember Theo? They love s'mores, too.

S'more S'mores:

All we are missing is a fire. I need to follow that squirrel!