Monday, July 10, 2017

I Have A Friend

I've spent this year in awe of my friendships. How did I get so lucky to run across and snag these special and warm kindred spirits? This evening, I've been thinking about a few of them.

  • I have a friend who when you say his name, the reaction is, "ohhhh, I LOVE said friend!!". Every. Single. Person. Every. Single. Time. No exceptions. He is loved by everyone for every reason.
  • I have a friend who seems so prim, proper, and perfect, but is actually the goofiest, most endearing creature you could imagine. You feel so lucky that you took the leap to get to know her.
  • I have a friend who is like a sister, and who I never have to explain myself to. She is whip-smart, creative, beautiful, caring, and always up for a laugh or an adventure.
  • I have a friend whose smile can make anyone swoon. He makes you feel so special, so interesting. But really, he is the one who is the most special and most interesting and filled to the brim with all the love. Everyone wishes to be in his circle.
  • I have a friend who I can trust beyond belief. She is the best partner in crime, and can always be relied on in coolness, stealth, brains, style, and getting things done. There is nothing she lags behind on.
  • I have a friend who is so intuitive and has such a connection to humanity, that the words she strings together will bring any breathing human to tears, belly-laughs, or stunned introspection. She always knows exactly the right thing to say in order for you to feel that all is right with the world.
  • I have a friend who is the most Type A person I have ever met, but in the best way. Her black & white instincts are only matched by her huge heart that beats so strongly for those she cares about.
  • I have a friend who has no equal when it comes to talents - in humor, in voice, in heart, in mind. Every part of him is enviable and he is willing to share all of it.
  • I have a friend who is laughably lovable. Everything she does, she does with passion, and no one can (or wants to) escape the love and wickedly intriguing humor and smarts that she brings to a friendship.
  • I have a friend who is sneakily powerful. She can listen and somehow be there for you in any situation, no matter the distance, no matter the drama. She gives everything and yet does not hold a grudge to those who cannot step up to her royal status.
  • I have a friend who I've yet to find a fault in. His talent, sense of adventure, fierce loyalty, incredible thoughtfulness, and amazing humor is something that attracts loads upon loads of friends, yet each of us feels like we are his "best". You feel so lucky that he picked you.
  • I have a friend who I yearn to be like, but always lets me know that I'm enough as me. She is someone that everyone knew would achieve great things in life, and not only has crossed that finish line, but has signed up for another marathon of greatness.
  • I have a friend who is the most creative person I know - and I've known her a long time. There is nothing that she doesn't bring beauty to, and there is nothing that matches her beauty.
Thank you, friends, for accepting my Application For Friendship. xo

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