Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Feels - Volume I

5 things that are giving me some feels this Friday:
  • Every day is a breaking news day now. I wake up to my phone dinging alerts, and I usually require myself to take a deep breath before reading them. The 24-hour coverage is addicting, and I know I'm not helping anyone, including myself, by saturating my mind and heart with it day and night. Yet, I still want to be informed in these bizarre times. As a solution, I've tuned out most cable networks and instead get The Daily, a Monday-Friday podcast via the New York Times. It gives me a brief overview of the pressing topics without too many talking heads. I also am hooked on the more biased, but more amusing Pod Save America. It is witty and savvy political talk hosted by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor.

  • I kind of miss living on an island. That's why THIS house is so intriguing to me! I especially like the idea that someone would really need to make an effort to come and visit me, hahaha. The downside would be the lack of food delivery options. It reminds me of THIS article I read years ago documenting a NYC actor who had to row, row, row his boat through a New Jersey lake in order to hang his hat at home every night. Would you want to live on your own private island? More importantly, would you come visit me? ;)

Prior Lake, Minnesota

  • Did any of you watch the acting class that was HBO's Big Little Lies? Those ladies all went to the special place. So good. (Plus, it stars theater-lover/critic, Iain!) I whipped through the series, and am now doing the same with the Liane Moriarty novel it was based on. It's worth reading as there are quite a few differences between the TV show and the book, and it's such a quick, entertaining story. I bought the soundtrack after seeing the first episode. There is something so mesmerizing about that opening song, and listening to the tracks brings me right to the mystic and majestic coast of Monterey, so beautifully shot in the show.

  • I have a little balcony in my news digs. I moved in at the end of fall and dreamt all winter and spring of delicious summer and how I would plant a not-so-secret mini garden to revel in. My two modest herb planters are quite happy. So nurtured, in fact, that I need more ideas of how to put them to good use. One successful experiment has been to make various herb infused simple syrups that I mix into sodas or, more likely, cocktails. The other day I made a simple syrup, substituting some of the sugar with honey and steeping a decent handful of lavender in the hot liquid. Once cooled and strained, I combined the syrup with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a hefty pour of vodka.

And with the last few days of humidity making it "feel like 120 degrees", who doesn't need a Lavender & Honey Vodka Lemonade?

I'm not positive if she was quoting someone or speaking her own words, but she talked about how "balance lives in the present". I've been feeling sad about the past and overwhelmed about the future, so this seems like a good mantra to repeat as needed.

Hope you all have a balanced and present-minded weekend, taking advantage of the summer sun.
South Twin Lake - Rockwell City, Iowa

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