Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Feels: Volume II

Feeling enchanted by one of my favorite summer flowers and its ability to produce so many variations of color within one plant.

Feeling shocked that Spicey is out.

Feeling like a kid again (but with alcohol) at the MN Zoo's Adult Night.
Bear Talk - Minnesota Zoo

Feeling my abs ache after laughing so hard at this homage:
d3@r ev@n OH NO - YouTube

Feeling like mac & cheese makes everything better
O'Cheeze Food Truck - Minneapolis, MN

Feeling like these remarkable creations are almost too pretty to eat!
Patisserie 46 - Minneapolis, MN

Feeling relieved to have someone give a sensible answer to this ongoing worry (thanks, Pope!)
The Pope on Panhandling: Give Without Worry - NY Times

Feeling remembrance of a wise man with wise words.

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