Saturday, February 20, 2010

If You Like to Cook... need to acquire one of these:

After an explosive and frustrating incident involving a Cuisinart and Butternut Squash Soup not long ago, I moved this gadget to the top of my wish list. Little did I know there was one in the back of a high reaching cupboard! Amazing. So useful. So easy. So NOT explosive and frustrating.

You will now love to cook.


  1. Hooray for Kitchen Aide! And a big hooray for the immersion blender. So useful and so much easier that getting out the KA Mixmaster and having to clean it up after wards. We've used ours mainly on soups as well.

  2. Yes, it is a miracle tool. I believe it is probably Leannis's so if she wants it back, it is hers - but I will enjoy it for now!

  3. it is mine! i'm glad you found it :) years of bday and christmas presents...and searching out sales for all necessary and fun kitchen gadgets! immersion blender is the bestest! and butternut squash soup sounds delish too! :o)

  4. but now it's yours :o) xoxoxoxoxox



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