Friday, January 21, 2011

Spring Fling (with Carrie Mulligan)

I have weeks that are chock-full (what does that mean anyway?) of responsibilities ahead of me. Yet, what am I doing? Daydreaming about tropical vacations.
Remember this?

Eh...probably not since I haven't blogged about it yet and it wasn't a vacation per se...but it WAS tropical and I AM scheming about what realistic way I can either return or make New York City suddenly contain cerulean waters and trade winds. Hmmmm...
Not the best sign knowing it's only 21 days into the new year and I'm already craving Spring. What can I say, I'm fickle.

Last weekend, I stopped into West Elm while helping a friend grab a coffee table she'd been eyeing. It seems they were also ready for Spring and I loved most of the new offerings.
Terrariums, floral, lots of natural wood, and green, green, green. It made me ache for late April/early May. I think I may need to buy one of these:

I already raved about these striped sheets (and purchased them) which are a strikingly similar look to the much more expensive Dwell version. Now they come in green (see? Spring!) and some other delicate patterns:
West Elm - Stripe Sheet Set

These tea light holders remind me of garden parties and trellises:

I am easily bored with typical bathroom hardware and accessories. I like the imitated branch look of these new products:

White, green, and dots make for a playful setting:

I felt that this was pushing the garden theme a bit too far. Gnomes, mushrooms, fake cacti, and white rocks? Someone got a little too creative (or bored, or high) in the design department:
West Elm - Gnomes & Mushrooms

I obviously have an obsession for owls, as stated in THIS post, and I'm glad to see they are still flying around in stores:
West Elm - Owl Table Lamp

Unlike the owl creations, this creature was hard to decipher. At first we guessed a camel minus the hump, then came to the conclusion that it was most definitely a llama. Turns out (according to the price tag), it is a horse. Hmmm...I'd still say llama. Maybe that's why it is on sale?
Humpless Camel/Llama/Horse that Doesn't Look Like a Horse

Oh, and I also like this bed. Nothing seasonal about it, I just like it.
West Elm- Ellipse Metal Canopy Bed

While admiring all of these items, who walked across the store and stood shoulder to shoulder with me? None other than the terrific actress, Carey Mulligan:
Carey Mulligan when not shopping in West Elm

FYI: She really digs gray throw pillows.

So back to the reason we frequented WE to begin with. This table:

Have you ever tried to carry a bulky & massive boxed piece of solid glass for 5 blocks? What about for 5 steps? Let me tell you, my muscles have not forgiven me. But, being the wonder women that we are, mission accomplished. Looking forward to many a party, TV viewing, and gossip session around that table.

Speaking of Spring, how cool is this: a temporarily indoor "pop up" park has magically been planted at a gallery space in Nolita.
Park Here - Openhouse Gallery

Complete with grass, a pond, birds chirping, bocce ball, and even a seesaw, this June-in-January park is open and free daily from 11am-6pm until the end of the month. I might have to try a picnic featuring local vendors, movie night or the morning yoga class!

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