Friday, January 14, 2011

A Few Hours On A Wintry Friday Afternoon in New York City: A Study

Ooh, boy! I actually have a "normal" weekend. Meaning, I'm not working Saturday and Sunday like regular 9 to 5ers often experience. That means time to focus on the dog, the apartment, and getting healthy. A whole 48 hours. I'm thrilled. But first, today. Also normal (for me), but not "normal". Date: Friday afternoon. In January. Location: NYC. Subject: One single gal making her way. This is what her way looks like from about noon til 3pm...

First off, I was all out of sorts about the great Zodiac debacle. Rule #1: never mess with a Scorpio, especially regarding their Scorpio-ness. I'm starting to understand how Pluto must have felt.

Then I received an email from an online retail store informing me that it was National Dress Up Your Pet Day. It was not even a pet retailer. Odd. I've never had much luck dressing the Boog up as evidenced in Post A and Post B. I don't think I want to see those dagger eyes today.

Here is a friend's pet/pet friend of mine all dolled up for Christmas:
Madison as a Holiday Fairy
Did you know such things as Holiday Fairies existed? Madison didn't.

The scary thing is (besides the idea of a National Dress Up Your Pet Day) is that I now have no evidence of that email. Inbox, Trash, Outbox...nada. Did I dream this idea up? Only Google can tell me the truth. And it did!:

I began my work day searching for a Rolex in someone else's apartment followed by observing a pleasant man named George deep clean a sofa. Sometimes, it's hard to explain my life. Pleasant George noticed my cough and said the only thing that helped him and his wife after a 3 week bout was MucinexDM. Thanks for the tip, Pleasant George!

On to the next errand, but I couldn't help but stop into LUSH first. I mean, how could I resist? I could smell it 10 blocks away. I love their new solid perfumes. Tuca Tuca translates to "touch touch" in Italiano and has scents of violet, vanilla, and jasmine. 

Downtown we go-wait, what? Through that? Oh NYC, your curbs are the pits. Literally-slush pits. The best part was the man behind me after I slightly hesitated barked, "Are ya coming or are ya going?". I replied, "You first, sir." to which he took a very determined step into a foot of grimy murk. I might have giggled a little.
Curb - 75th & Broadway, NYC

OK, what is that bridge doing there and who in their right mind would use it?
Bride O'er Troubled Waters - 70s

I've been reading a lot about THIS product. Thoughts? It was slightly expensive for the small jar, but the celebrity raves convinced me to try it. Plus, the lid was cracked and I was able to finagle 25% off.

Sometimes when people try and hand you things on the street, they actually have cool things to gift you. Thanks for the Metrocard, BofA!
Bank of America - 72nd Street

A quick pop into Trader Joe's for some weekend essentials.
Poms - Trader Joe's
Don't they look beautiful and luscious?
Of course, I buy the version covered in chocolate. Duh.
Pom's enveloped in goodness - Trader Joe's

Like every line in NYC, this one was long. It didn't help that I had a woman behind me who would jam the cart into my lower back every 30 seconds or so...maybe I really am a different Zodiac sign because I was unusually forgiving and patient for a Scorpio. I did sneakily snap her photo just as proof.
Sweet Elderly Lady Out & About

But, my positive vibes about TJ's were renewed when sent this youtube video by my friend MC:

How did I never see that?

A few more blocks to go...

Happy to see that the wide leg is back. I've finally come to terms with skinny jeans, but I'm much more of a wide legged gal. No jokes, please!
 Window Shopping - The Gap UWS

Riding home on the train at 3pm. Actual seatage-score! 
You know you're an actor when you see this sign and think they are talking about improvisation, not improvement:
You Must Take the A Train...

Hope you all have an improving AND improving weekend. Til next time...

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