Sunday, January 9, 2011

Everything Is Beautiful At The Ballet

A child I look after studies at the School of American Ballet and was in this past holiday's Nutcracker. Suddenly, I was surrounded by the ballet world. It was enchanting. 
New York City Ballet - The Nutcracker
(photo by Paul Kolnik)

Ballet wraps, oversized sweatshirts (or is it undersized bodies?), mukluks, hair adornments, leotards, and buns, buns, buns. I was enamored. The discipline, the lines, the conformity, even (I can't believe I'm saying this) the overabundance of pink. I usually hate pink. But when it comes to ballet, there is something that puts me in awe. Perhaps it is because I have no talent for it, but the satin toe shoes and the strength and commitment of those who dance in them get me every time.

Since my fouettes won't be landing me a starring role in Center Stage 3 anytime soon, I will have to find other ways of incorporating a little bunhead into my world.

I love the perfect pale pink polish. 

Ballet flats are the ultimate in comfortable yet stylish shoes, so why not pick a brand that actually makes ballet slippers? 

I also love this satin pair reminiscent of toe shoes and costume bodices:

Ballet style is all over the dress world, with tulle (or as my Dad says, too-lee) skirts being surprisingly everywhere. H&M had this Lanvin one in stores for a hot second. Find them now on Ebay.
Lanvin H&M Tulle Tutu Dress

The Rodarte for Target's 2009 collection had many ballet inspired pieces.  Again, Ebay is your friend. 
Rodarte for Target - Dec 09 (Ebay)

For many years I've owned this workout book, and I love how the stretches and exercises focus on poise and strength. It's not doing me much good now since I still have yet to unpack it.

For some non "pretty" ballet, I headed out with a friend to see Black Swan. Whew. That was a spooky one. But not for all of the reasons you would think...

We needed to completely change the mood after that viewing, so we headed to Rosa Mexicano to meet up with another friend.

The thing is, it was directly across the street from...dun dun DUNNN:
David H. Koch Theater - setting for Black Swan


But even more scary was how there were no lounging or sitting options near the bar. It was time to stalk and stare people down until they left. One man was particularly cruel as he kept layering on his jacket and outerwear, but with no intention of leaving. Jerk.

Finally, we scored a table.

Ordered some fresh made guac:
and the house Pomegranate Margarita. Careful, ladies and gentlemen, they pack a punch!
Koz, packing the punch

OK, by now we have forgotten all about Natalie Portman's scary red eyes and swan skin. Must be time for a photo op! My attempt:
I swear, it wasn't the margaritas.

Then by chance, a lovely woman passing by offered to do a very un-New Yorker type thing: to take our picture in the freezing cold. She prevailed:
Lu, Koz, LB

Now, where is that ballet workout book?

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