Sunday, January 23, 2011

Anything But Ordinary

I'm not sure a piece of jewelry has ever made me giggle. Or sigh. Or gasp.

Until now.

Jenny and Jimbob "Outrageously Original Matchbox Necklaces" are über-unique, sassy, and meaningful artisan charm necklaces, packaged in a playful matchbox and accompanied by a saying that takes the pretty yet quirky charm to a whole new level.

I overlapped a bit of college with Jennifer (the Jenny of Jenny & Jimbob) and she was the kind of gal who exuded an admirable amount of whimsy, star quality, and fun so I'm not at all surprised that the jewelry line created by Jennifer and her husband Jimbob offers the same flavor in precious metal form. 

Some of my favorites in the current collection include:

I really could have listed every item, but now it's your turn to peruse and I guarantee some emotional window shopping will be had. I think these make ideal gifts, as J&J have pretty much done all of the work for you: fun bauble, funky wrapping, and written sentiment all in one!

Target & Nordstrom have already jumped on the turn the ordinary into extraordinary bandwagon and I know I will hop aboard, as well. If only I could decide which one (or ten) to buy!

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