Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow, Ice, and Everything Nice

Our delayed Christmas/Boog Mas was a huge success. I already miss the scent of fir and those little bubbly lights that work only half of the time.
MN Coziness

Coming back to NYC post-Blizzard of '10, I was expecting some major snow drifts. Not so much.
Then again, I came from Minnesota, and we sort of rule the whole "snow" thing.
Across the street on Dunberry Lane

But it was oh so lovely.
Snow and Woods - A Minnesota Backyard Scene

I remember during elementary school, the best snow drifts were always in the cul de sacs. It was there, where the plows gathered all of the street snow into one big Lord of the Rings mountain, that we could tunnel and sculpt away until we built our own snow fortress.
I can only imagine what the neighborhood kids could have created had we been fully tooled:

Speaking of snow and ice, I prefer these icicles:

Ice, Ice, Baby.

Meanwhile, the birds in NYC have been chirping nonstop. Do they know something I don't know?

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