Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sing Me A Happy Song

I'm really enjoying this entire album:

It has such a good vibe to it. Simply makes me happy.

Once on a long trip overseas, before the days of highly entertaining individual TV monitors, I decided to whittle the hours away by listening to the Beatles radio station in my armrest (also before the days of ipods) while I attempted to nap. It was a terribly uncomfortable flight and I had a dazed and anxiety filled form of "sleep". Unfortunately, the radio channel contained about 11 songs and my headphones were ancient. Every time I was about to obtain some real REMs, I would be jolted awake by the end of the radio cycle which was Hello Goodbye. Imagine being so drowsy and tired that you feel sick and just when you are at the point of gaining some relief you are ripped back to your reality with a very loud and static "Hello...hello, hello". Every 27 minutes for 8 hours. I mean, the song is repetitive as it is. I've loathed the tune every since. So, it's nice to have some positive feelings about the words Hello & Goodbye in music again.

Also excited about these:

Ooh, speaking of wine...sipped a tasty one last night.

Or, as I like to refer to it, Meow Meow.

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  1. I am so excited about the new Amos Lee, but I refuse to download it until I have ample time to listen to it!