Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hoo's That Girl?

I like to think that with each additional year, I acquire additional wisdom. Maybe that is why I've been obsessed with owls as of late - like these post earrings.

These hooters can be ordered HERE.
So cute. Of course, others must agree since they are now on back-order until March. I supposed I will need to feed my obsession with these other owly objects:

1. Owl Askew Ring - DillonDesigns/Etsy
2. Owl Stand - Modern Poverty
3. Great & Small Coin Purse - Anthropologie
4. Owl Eyes Ring - Reform Jewelry
5. Owls Sweater Patter - Crafty Crafty
6. Owl Cushion - Donna Wilson


  1. my favs are the coin purse, sweater and cushion :) too cute! <3

  2. I love the sweater but it is just a pattern so in order to obtain it I have to learn how to really knit!