Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ooooooh, I love Halloooooooweeeeeeeeeeeen (said in a sing-songy, floaty, elongated, ghost voice)!
Such a noncommittal, fun, and silly holiday. And it involves costumes and candy!
LuRuSo as Donald Duck, circa 1989
I've picked up a few treats for the treaters although I find apartment trick or treating one of the oddest things ever. B might redo one of his costumes from last year. I bet it stays on 16 seconds at most.
Bryndal the Pumpkin - definitely NOT a happy pumpkin.

I'm excited to carve my actual pumpkin tomorrow. He leans back like he is taking it all in. My Mom named him Homer. I'm sure he is also excited to become a jack-o-lantern because then he can move on from his current 9 to 5 job:
Homer the Pumpkin as a box keeper

  (Please excuse the iPhone pics. My camera is out of juice and the battery pack is still hidden away somewhere in boxes #1-13.)

There will be some toasting of pumpkin seeds and hot apple cider complete with a cinnamon stick. I'm attempting to use fall foods as much as possible in the next few weeks. Tonight's dinner consisted of butternut squash, red potatoes, onions, pork, apple cider, brandy, apples, garlic, herbs, and too many other good things to mention. The one essential ingredient it did not have was pepper (tragedy), but the pepper must be chilling with my camera charger.
What's for dinner
Maybe I will even watch some Dexter alone to appropriately creep myself out. 

But you know what is really scary? This:

I mean, I'm all for being festive but the crafty holiday fare is also supposed to be appetizing, right? There is not one thing on this plate that I would feel comfortable eating in pictured form. Maybe a cracker...?

Speaking of scary wackadoo festive food, if you haven't seen the Sandra Lee Kwanzaa cake episode, you MUST go HERE now. It's terrifying, but in the best possible way. I dare you not to scream.

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