Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flower Power

Mine is Anthropologie.
An overpriced yet irresistible shopping establishment filled with vintage style kitchenware, luxury bedding & bath, apparel that ranges from adorable to 60's mod to hippy chic, and everything in between. Purses, shower curtains, sandals, is all at:
Anthropologie at Rockefeller Plaza

I think part of the Anthro experience is their ability to create such whimsy and style out of basic items for their storefront windows and interiors. I remember once I walked into a winter wonderland of decoration only to realize that the folksy "trees" and "snowflakes" were all composed of....toilet paper. The store was basically T.P-ed but looked like a million bucks.

Last week, this rainbow of flowers welcomed me into spend money:



Upon closer inspection, I saw that they were not engineered plastic flowers but recycled plastic bottles:

Supposedly they took donations from customers during the month of January to add to these Springtacular displays.

So creative. So beautiful. So March.


  1. Yeah, yeah, big deal, recycled plastic bottles. You're missing the point. You're supposed to be looking at the merchandise, not the insignificant artsy fartsy stuff. Scheeze! People like you are what's wrong with this country! The correct drill is this: you go in the store, take out your credit card, buy stuff. Seriously, though, it is nice to be able to go into a Anthro and just enjoy the sights! I'd like to visit it sometime (but I won't take a CC with me!).

  2. I admit, I love Anthropologie displays too! I was just in the 50th and France store in Minneapolis last week and the place was, as my dad used to say, "a sight for sore eyes." There, cascading from the ceilings were these larger than life, snow white billows of peony shaped plumps...oddly similar to the old tissue paper flowers we used to construct our hometown homecoming floats. They were as--luxuriously cascading around the rafters and spilling toward the cashier station. Upon closer inspection--recycled plastic bags. Or, at least I hope they were recycled.

  3. Very interesting comment, Maureen, but As an old native born Californian would say, "what is a "plump?" I wish Anthro would come to Gainesville as it sounds like a great store to visit. Unfortunately I can't even afford the catalogue so I'd probably not be allowed to cross the threshold!

  4. I would assume it is related to plumping a pillow? Noun of the verb to plump? Hahaha.