Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

The view looking onto Broadway:
Being from Minnesota, this seems like a flurry to me.
NYC public schools canceled school for today by 11am yesterday. Whatever happened to waking up early and passionately praying to the snow gods while awaiting your school district to be announced? When I was a kid...

Anyway, looks like it will be an inside day. Maybe I can finally get some use out of this:


  1. well, growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area I never saw snow unless I went skiing with my cousin up to the Squaw Valley. Actually I only went once with her and on that occasion I fell into the creek so didn't go again. We did have some smog, however, but I don't think Snoopy made a smog machine.

  2. you could just scoop up the snow from outside and you don't even have to break snoopy out of the box! well, maybe not :-P