Monday, February 8, 2010


Sometimes you need to pretend to be refreshed, well rested, and alert even when it's the furthest from the truth.

This toner/spritzer has soothing rose water and calming lavender (unfortunately, only in the formula and not in addition to the product as shown in the deceptive picture) that will moisturize your skin and give your senses a lift that just may get you through the rest of the day. Or you can be weird like me and after an end-of-the-day spritzing, use a cotton ball to see all of the city dirt and grime that has claimed your face as home. Gross, I know, but oddly fascinating.
LUSH is an environmentally conscious company that makes lovely and uniquely scented bath & skin products that are handmade using natural ingredients with no animal testing or useless packaging.

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  1. maybe you should have taken that job with Lush! You do a pretty good job of pitching the product.
    I've used their stuff (Ambrosia shaving cream actually) and found it to be very nice. Most of the products are too girly for me, however!