Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pot Head

Stuffy Nose. Post Nasal Drip. Allergies. 

When mucus is not your friend, it is time to develop a new relationship with this:

I originally heard of this mythical "Neti Pot" in college when I was performing nonstop on top of cold after cold. A professor told me to try this remedy when the Clariton and Sudafed wasn't working. Surprisingly, even in hippy Ithaca I couldn't locate such an unusual item. 

Now they are sold in various storefronts and online and even my general practitioner sings its praises. I wish my GP did sing, that would make the copay worth it.

Basically you fill the pot with warm water and mix in some special salt:

Then comes the silly part. The solution goes in one nostril and out the other, clearing out all sorts of useless mucus and irritants along the way. 
You can watch this strange and alien process HERE.

Are you done laughing yet? Yeah, they really need to update that video...

I'll admit that it is an unusual feeling but the relief it provides will make you a junkie.

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