Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Robe is a Robe is a Robe

If you are like me, you prefer to spend a good portion of your day in pajamas or other life of leisure type apparel. If it was socially acceptable, I would go everywhere in pjs, a robe, and fuzzy slippers. Maybe some mascara.

My latest robe obsession:

See? It even has "spa" in the title, it must be relaxing and comfy.
100% certified organic & fair trade cotton, deep pockets, and my favorite feature - a hood.
What's not to like?


  1. Okay, it looks like a nice enough robe but I went to the site for more information and I see that the only sizes listed are for women! So, is this some kind of discrimination? Guys like nice soft hoodie robes too. Then I read further and saw this language (and I quote): "Natural softness and absorption, for your most intimate spaces" and I immediately decided I'd just leave the whole thing alone.

  2. I saw that too and it cracked me up. Someone needs to hire a new writer for that website.