Sunday, February 21, 2010

There's a Hole in the Bucket

Dear Liza would have no problem with these handy-dandy containers. I see multiple uses: magazines, dog or child toys, blankets, umbrellas, towels...


I love the clean and work-focused look. The printed label and numbers gives a vintage and real feel.

I found both of these products through an inspiring home site - Remodelista. Check it out, Dear Reader, Dear Reader...


  1. You're right, those buckets are attractive and the rope handles look very sturdy. The canvas bag looks sturdy, too. If they aren't too expensive it might be worth buying one to see how long it would a certain young dog to chew through it. An added feature would be that he could be carried around inside one!

  2. i like them too! and it looks as though they'd be easy to store if they weren't being used :) maybe that means minimal packing material when they come via UPS :o)