Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bubbly Buh-BYE, 2014!

It's time to say farewell to the past twelve months and welcome 2015 to the world. The best way to ring in a New Year is toasting with something bubbly.
OK, surprise, surprise, the above is NOT Minne-snow-ta. It's Mexico, where I recently (and happily) imbibed quite a few champagne con cerezas.

Back to reality...
This is the ONLY way to chill champagne in Minnesota during the months of November-March. Ask any decent Minnesotan. 

But there is more to champagne than chilling it in some snow.
Here is some Champagne 101:

And second semester:

And for the physical basics:

For those more adventurous/dramatic - have you ever sabered your bottle?

If any of you try the above, I want to see the video!

Champagne is always a class act by itself, but for an event such as a new year, why not play around with some creative cocktails?

See anything to your liking?

Those who aren't into Don P can opt for a champagne-like beer, such as Brooklyn Brewery's big bottles that utilize champagne yeast.

And just because there is an absence of ABV, doesn't mean there needs to be a lack of fun. Try THESE nonalcoholic concoctions to add festivity to sober selections.

A tale told every New Year's Eve in my household involves some champagne flutes that provided quite a laugh (and quite a mess) many holidays ago. After sipping, as you rotated the glass back down, a perfectly formed drop of champagne would BLOP! back out into your face. Usually your eye. They were not much for function, but a hoot, nonetheless. We could never bear to part with them.

While nothing will ever surpass my love for those tricky tumblers, I might have a vintage set of coupe glasses on my wish list for 2015. How Mad Men!

Of course, you can just eat your spirits, then no glass needed.

If all else fails, go Spring Break style - with champagne.

Champagne is not just for solo sipping anymore - in fact, champagne pairing has become another skill to add to your culinary and palette know-how., fizziness, folly. The last day of the year is so wonderful in its frivolity, when any worry or stress can disappear with the changing digit. Happy Days Are Here Again in 5...4...3...2...1...

See ya next year, friends! HAPPY 2015!

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