Thursday, December 4, 2014

Peter Pan Live!

It's Game Day.

No, not football. Theater. Musical Theater. (cue: jazz hands and fan kicks)
Tonight NBC will present it's second go at live musical theater - Peter Pan Live! - and it's basically like the Superbowl for us theater kids. My young self can't imagine having access to all of the musical theater film and television that we have today. When I was a little one, I remember being obsessed with the TV series Rags to Riches (anyone?) because they sang and danced and were orphans (a seemingly essential component to tween musical theater success). It only lasted one season. I am thrilled that musical theater has become more popular in the public arena and will be watching tonight's Peter Pan Live! with a full 8-year-old-LuRuSo heart.
One of the best/worst ways to enjoy tonight's show is viewing while simultaneously updating your Twitter feed.

Last year, even the official DiGiorno Pizza gave it's saucy commentary.

Yes, there will be snark and meanness and judging (even from pizza!), but whether cruel or adoring, all of last year's buzz added to the soaring ratings of 22 million viewers. Which means more product and jobs and exposure. So, let's all clap our hands in belief that PP will attract the same attention. Plus, if you have gone down the performance road, you've learned to have some moxie and thick skin when it comes to reactions to your art form and choices. I think this cast is going to handle it all with aplomb. They can tell you for themselves:

The Sound of Music was my childhood. Nightly, I would doze off with the lights fully on and The Sound of Music soundtrack tape BLARING. Seriously, the only way I would go to sleep. Should explain a lot about me. But, I've Never (Never) seen the musical of Peter Pan. I love Peter Pan-themed things; One of my favorite memories living in London was running to the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens, the DisneyWorld ride is magical, and who doesn't love the idea of flying? So tonight will expose me to new music, which is always a good thing.

I certainly never (never) thought about being cast in a production - I don't think there is a single role for me in the Pan. Although if I had tried to audition, it might have gone something like this:

Or this:

I was a little bummed that Laura Benanti was not included in this year's cast. She was a highlight as Baroness Elsa last year, making me sympathize with a character that I used to loathe. And no one gives shade like she does.

If you are like me, and don't know much about the Peter Pan stage musical, HERE is some history 101. Read up and tune into NBC tonight at 8/7c.

Let the games and crowing begin. Break legs, all!

Hopefully it will be a smoother flight than this classic production:

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