Thursday, January 1, 2015

Go, Go, Go 2015!

2015. This is how I feel about the future year:

You see, finding comfort and success in 2014 was a bit of a stretch.

It dealt some stability, but along with that came the realization that it wasn't the right security for me. So big, scary changes were had that I'm hoping will blossom and pay off in the new year. The past year also was an immensely sad time for many close friends and acquaintances, and I'm anxious for them to be able to turn the page to happier days and memories.
If anything, I want to go forward being a little less of a self-critic when it comes to achieving goals and having all aspects of my life be perfect on a specific timeline. I have hope that 2015 will be a year I really immerse myself into my passions in life and expose that moxie below the Minnesota Nice.

What are your wishes, goals, and predications for 2015?
It's a brand new year, a brand new day, when anything is possible.
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