Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mixed Media

A lil' bit of leather goes a long way. I love the slight edge these pieces get from the addition of a well placed piece of leather, especially when mixed with something unexpected.

The geometrics on this skirt fascinate me. It's also cool, but still work appropriate.

Rose gold is everywhere-one of those summer trends that I hope keeps on going. This watch functions as a bracelet and you almost can't tell where the metal ends and the leather band begins.

When I spotted this easy-to-wear and super affordable dress, I knew it had to be mine. Now I just let the compliments add up. :)

I wish for colder weather, just to wear these cozy boots.

I followed a gal for 5 blocks the other week admiring her leather adorned cardigan. This was it:

The nubby wool in contrast to the sturdy leather is a winner.

Again with the contrasts, the slinky and girly bow are mellowed out with the leather shoulders.

To add some texture to your life, try layering on some leather. I promise it won't turn you into a dominatrix.


  1. Hi Lucy!
    Just wondering how the Carly Cable Knit Engineer Boots fit?

    1. I love them! They are roomy, but not slouchy. I am usually an 8 or 7 1/2, and the size 8 is a perfect fit, not too tough it slide on.